Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What would it mean for your business if your website started receiving millions of qualified traffic every year from viewers that are literally searching for your product or service?

How would you like to get these viewers on your website without paying any advertisement fees?

SEO is a long term strategy that if done right will bring profound returns.

heres a blog on “8 Advanced SEO tips to rank on google” that can be used for your current website.


Contents value over time

  • Posting content will benefit today and in the long run.
  • When content is set up right as shown in the blog “8 advanced tips to rank on google” google is able to search (crawl) your website for a specific keyword.
  •  Ranking the right keyword can shorten a gap between 20 and 50 website clicks a day without paying for any advertisement
  • Dominate today by raising the bar and implement SEO strategies to make it difficult for anyone to compete with you
  • Staying on the front page is easier because most people are afraid to put the work in.
  • Once content gets a good amound of traffic you can check and test what is working good with google analytics and google search console

Rank keywords for the right results

Remove all guessing from SEO campaigns with focus keywords that get your website to rank on the first page of googles search results.
SEO is amazing wih analytics and updates sent straight to your phone through email showing where your business is succeeding and failing good SEO that engagement usually ranks to the front of google bringing more trust, business, and stronger branding. What are you currently doing to raise your search engine results for your current website? here’s what you need to know about ranking, it is a necessity that everything is hooked up correctly, getting a website to to the front page of google is alot like coding a website, you make one small error and everything can crash. learning to make everything coalesce together to get a sale
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Heres what you need to get on the front page of google with SEO


Here’s some content that should be added to your site for higher chances of ranking on google.

Google favors content that is made to benefit the consumer.

  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ) page makes the user experience better.
  • blogs rank the highest on google cause they are designed purely for information.
  • Separating your services to different pages will help rank for that specific service.
  • You should have atleast 1,000 words of content per page if you plan on ranking on the first page of google.
  • having a YouTube channel helps rankings extremely since google bought YouTube back in 2006
  • Location pages are great for ranking your service for specific city’s. this is recommend if the locations keyword is recieving alot of traffic.


Below is a list of integrations and plugins we use. Disclaimer WordPress is king when it comes to which website ranks the highest on google.

Google Will Always reward user friendly websites

  • Connect your site to google analytics to track where your sites traffic is coming from
  • google search console is amazing for understanding user behavior
  • Inner link relevant pages on your website to make the user experience more friendly.
  • send out backlinks to other websites so users can understand and flow through information
  • insert either Rank Math or the yoast plugin into your website for tips to rank that are crucial for your website.
  • Add YouTube videos from your channel onto  the website


Now that everything is created and integrated correctly You’re going to have to do it all again.

Google loves seeing updates even with old content to keep  up with today’s changing world

  • Index your website on google search console with every update
  • Inner link a page that’s getting lot of traffic to a page that’s not to try and help it rank
  • use the google speed test and gtmetrix to ensure your website is loading fast. Slow load times will majorly ruin your websites SEO
  •  Add relevant content being produced to current pages and reindex the page
  • Change landing, checkout, and upsale pages,  consistently to test whats successful and what isn’t
  •  always add higher sales. Someone is ready to go above and beyond with your business you just have to give them the offer they want to hear
  • Your viewers will always be asking”whats in it for me?”.  Edit your copy to answer that question.
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