What is an Infomercial

what is an infomercial?

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What is an infomercial?

An Infomercial is designed to educate potential customers about a product or service. Infomercials originally ran from 30 to 58 minutes, but with recent advancements in technology infomercials can be as short as a minute or two. Most companies are successfully riding this digital wave by transitioning from long form infomercials on television into shorter effective infomercials on the internet.

The biggest reason for this transition is conversion rates. If you check Wikipedia you’ll see that most infomercials run  companies use to c  When a ad runs on TV their is no way to follow up, track viewers, or  separate potential buyers by their demographics. Conversion rates skyrocket on infomercials when these variables are possible so you can place your infomercial in front of the correct audience.

Where should infomercials be placed online?

what is an infomercial?

The manner in which you would like to promote your infomercial is completely dependent upon you. You can leverage your infomercial on all platforms that allow in stream video advertisements. This can be on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, LinkedIn, etc. Keep in mind you’ll need to change the headlines and copy on each of these platforms since they all carry their own style.

sometimes long form infomercials are necessary to get your point across. In these cases it would be wiser to place these infomercials on a website and re-target interested viewers with more related content to motivate a purchase. You can chop up the infomercial into smaller pieces of content to place on different platforms. If you would like help designing a website check out our website services for more information

Creating an Infomercial

so what is an infomercial and who creates them? It is most common for companies to outsource their video production to an agency for many various of reasons. The most important of all is effectiveness and punctuation. video production is an art, its wise to seek professionals that can manage the project and have done so in the past.

A cameraman will be needed to shoot the film and manage the project. The company hiring the video team will need a script ready beforehand for either a voice over or narration of a spokesperson of the video if there will be any dialogue. A good script can help bring a company’s ideas to the surface, making everything fluent and everybody’s life easier. It is extremely hard if not impossible to try and create a good infomercial without taking the time to write a good script ahead of time.

Once the video has been filmed the turnaround time on editing usually takes a week at the max. Higher rates for faster turnarounds are available. Samples of different voices will be sent to the company for the voice over.  The average infomercial package should come with 8-15 hours of time dedicated to filming with anywhere from 40-60 hours worth time dedicated to editing.

Alterations and Revisions

There is always going to be touch-ups and revisions along the way to building an infomercial. This is where the editing hours come in. It is crucial to schedule follow up meetings ahead of time to stay on top of projects. Most infomercials come with 5-10 different revisions, completely dependent on the company’s personal preference.  Zoom calls can be as rewarding as in person meetings, especially in times like these with the corona-virus going around. hope this article has helped to give you a better understanding of what is an infomercial. Thank you for reading this far, feel free to like and subscribe for upcoming articles similar to this one in the near future. really hope this helped.

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