8 Affordable SEO services you need to rank your website in 2021

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8 Affordable SEO Services

8 affordable SEO Services tips to rank on your website in 2021 was designed to help users understand the process on how to get a website on the front page of search engines like Google and Bing

Some terms may be familiar while others may come off as completely foreign.  We will cover everything from setting up, research, all the way to tracking keyword positions and outranking your competitors. Everything Discussed on this blog works in symbiosis. Try to incorporate everything together to get the full experience.

If you are looking to invest in Affordable SEO services make sure all of the following steps are provided in your strategy. Feel free to fill out this questionnaire for a FREE personalized report and strategy so we can get you started on the right path.

*disclaimer: 8 affordable SEO services were written for WordPress websites but can be implemented on any cms. All app recommendations are for WordPress, sorry 🙁 .

Affordable SEO services

Step #1 Google and Bing Setup

The very first thing you must do is get setup on Google AND Bing. If you’re only on google you’re missing out on 40% of all searches being made on their competitor. You will need to insert tracking code into the header of your site for both Google Analytics and Bing Webmasters. Google does its best to try and help guide users through their Analytics Academy.

Once the tracking codes have been installed you will see how users interact with your website as well as gather certain information like location, age, and device. Additionally, be sure to get your site up and running with Google my Business, Google Search Console, and Google tag Manager.

Google Analytics

Step #2 Start With Low Hanging Fruit

Something that always grinds my gears about SEO is when people choose their keywords cause they “think: its a good keyword. Little do they know they are most likely hindering their own success.

Have you ever seen the movie War Dogs with Jonah Hill and Todd Phillips? Jonah hill would scavenge the internet for small military contracts (still millions of dollars) that nobody else would take and capitalize on low hanging fruit.

War Dogs

Affordable SEO services are based on the same principles, especially for new websites or websites that currently do not get a lot of traffic. It is extremely important to try to rank for keywords that are not difficult to rank for but also have high volumes of traffic. Collect as many of these keywords as you can on your site.

Where To Research

Our top 3 keyword research platforms from best to last are Ahrefs, Semrush, and Ubersuggest. The only free platform of the 3 is Ubersuggest.

Ahrefs if my favorite of the 3 because it is very up-to-date. We are not affiliated with Ahrefs whatsoever. We personally use Ahrefs, simply because we find it to give us more features we look for and because of their clean UI. We will release a comprehinsive guide that compares both soon.

Ahrefs is a necessity for Affordable SEO services in order to really move the needle and build upon the rest of your research. Check out our blog on how to use ahrefs for more information on the tool.


What to look for

3 main areas I focus on inside of ahrefs: site explorer, keyword explorer and the backlink profile. You would be surprised how the keywords you “thought” you should be ranking for are actually not bringing in real traffic, in addition to being difficult to rank for. This is a core staple in affordable SEO services.

Always do your research first to get a clear understanding of what does and doesn’t work. Look into what your competitors are doing with the site explorer and add potential keywords to your keyword planner. In addition, make sure you check their backlinks for any opportunities.

Ahrefs has much more value than what I just spoke on. These are just the areas I spend the majority of my time on. Feel free to check out our blog on What is Ahrefs and best practices for 2021.


#3 Content creation, Shotgun Skyscraper, and E-A-T Principles

This may be the most cost friendly step of the affordable SEO services. In order to rank you have to push new valuable content like never before. Make this a priority whether it’s writing the content manually or hiring someone else to do it.

Content Creation

Content creation may be one of the most undervalued areas behind Affordable SEO services, Its almost become cliché to bring the topic up. Don’t let this be an area you overlook, try to write about every possible variable on a subject related to your business, service, or niche and leave nothing out. Google loves sending people to detailed user friendly content that is also up to date.

Content creation

Shotgun skyscraper approach

The shotgun skyscraper approach is a technique to rank on google. The goal is to search up what your competitors are currently writing and outdo them in every aspect. If they have a 1000 word post you write a 2000 word post. If they have 10 images you add 20 images with alt text included.

The idea is that Google will send traffic to the most user-friendly content with the most information. If you can come up with the content then this can be an extremely effective aspect of the affordable SEO services and it may help increasing your search rankings forever.


E-A-T Principles

E-A-T stands for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. These are the core principles google looks at when crawling a website. Your site’s content must provide value to users and clearly answer/define what their search intent was. Authority and trustworthiness is more focused on backlink building (go to step #5 for more information on backlinks)

#4 Semantic Satiation

Semantic satiation is extremely necessary if you are trying to rank a keyword. Google does not like spam or anything similar to the topic. Your content needs to make sense. If you throw a keyword into the page a gazillion times then the odds of your ranking for that keyword is actually pretty low. This is an extremely crucial step to affordable SEO services. You can have the best content in the world, but if you’re not compliant with Google’s search engine guidelines all of your time, and investment will be useless.

Use additonal tools to understand what you are doing. Like Rankmath. Rankmath allows users to see their keyword rating for all products, pages, and posts. this is probably the only completely free tool that is congruent with affordable SEO services. There is a paid version of Rankmath but it’s not really necessary.

We used to use yoast for years. It’s a great tool, we just prefer to go with rank math as it has all of Yoast’s premium features and more all for free with a cleaner UI.

Rankmath SEO plugin

#5 Backlinks and Business Listings

I put these two together because they are extremely similar, as the saying goes “same same but different”. This is one of the most crucial parts of affordable SEO services that a lot of business owners overlook.

Business Listings

For those who do not know, a business listing is exactly what it sounds like, your business being listed in a website. Some places you should definitely think about listing your business on is yelp, social media, yellowpages etc. Yext has pretty much all of the listing covered. It’s up to you to either pay for their services or manually outreach to each of these platforms and request a listing.

link building

Backlink Building / Sniper approach

Backlinks can either make or break your website. A Backlink is a url link from another website directed to yours.

Not all backlinks are good. When I first started my affordable SEO services journey I purchased a domain with tons of backlinks on expireddomains.net thinking the thousands of domains being sent to the site would help my rankings. Those thousands of backlinks were like poison for my site, they came with a bunch of Chinese hacks that completely ruined my site’s health. The moral of the story, don’t purchase bad backlinks or try black hat strategies (White Hat = Good Practices. Black hat = corner-cutting).

Backlink Building

One of the most common ways people build backlinks is the sniper approach. The sniper approach is pretty simple. Search up your competitors using the site explorer on Ahrefs and click on their backlinks. Once you see who is linking to your competitors site you can reach out to them and provide a valuable asset. The hardest part about this is the consistent outreach. It’s wise to either pay a affordable SEO services company to reach out for you or hire a personal VA to do the outreach.

Heres a blog on link building strategies, check it out for a more in depth look on how to build good backlinks.


#6 Page Speed and user behavior

There is a famous statement that says 50% of people leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. I put page speed and user behavior together cause they are two sides to the same coin. I may sound repetitive with this but if you’re missing even one of these affordable SEO services then the entire site can be bottlenecked.

Page speed

How fast is your site? If you can’t answer that question than your site is not fast enough. There are a few affordable SEO services tools you can use to get a better idea of how to increase page speed.

Gtmetrix is a great site to test page speed as well as google page speed insights. This can get extremely tricky, it’s highly recommended to hire an agency such as ourselves or an outside web developer and ask them to get to work on your page speed. When building your site be aware of any additional css/html and try to minimize whenever possible.

Some great apps to help you get started are smush and WP fastest cache. Smush minifies all of your pictures and WP fastest cache makes it simple to clear your cache and minify CSS. You’d be surprised at how much faster your website will load after implementing these two plugins. try to limit the amount of apps on your site for faster page speeds

page speed optimization

User behavior

This is truly the needle mover when it comes to affordable SEO services. Once your site starts catching some traction google will start sending more and more users to your page. If people continue to engage with your website then Google will continue to send traffic. If your site has a high bounce rate (meaning your website has a high exit percentage/little interaction) then google will stop sending traffic to your site. The reason for this is that google wants to send traffic to pages that best answers a persons search intent. Makes sense right? Wouldnt you want to get what you’re looking for right away? This is why User behavior is important.

Some tips to increase engagement on your website is to add social biases and support whenever possible. Sales pop is a great tool that informs users of recent purchases (real or fake) on your site. This little trick honestly works like magic.

Another tool that increases engagement is a chatbot. A simple and easy chatbot to setup is Manychat. This is one of the free affordable SEO services that can literally automate your entire sales funnel. If you’re in need of a more complicated chatbot IBM Watson can pretty much do anything your heart desires. Most of the time a super complicated chatbot like that is just overkill and not really necessary.


#7 Mobile optimization

This one is pretty simple. All you have to do is mobile-optimize your website. With ~80% of traffic coming from a mobile device it would make sense. Who doesn’t have a phone in their pockets nowadays? Personally, we design our websites on mobile-first because we know that’s where most users are coming from. This may seem like a no-brainer but it is just as important as all the other affordable SEO services. Everything you’ve learned so far works in symbiosis, if you’re missing even a single step your website rankings can be dramatically affected. Take the time to make sure everything looks, loads, and works correctly on mobile.

mobile optimization

#8 Permalinks

Another basic but extremely effective step of the affordable SEO services is to set up the proper permalinks. This can easily be done by going to the settings section of your site and adjusting permalinks to post name as shown in the image below. Once again only bringing this up because I do not want to leave anything out. A simple error of not setting this up will make it nearly impossible to rank your site for the keyword you’re implementing.

8 Affordable SEO services you need to rank your website in 2021 1


I know that was a lot to take in, especially if you’re new to the industry. Everything you need to rank your website was laid out in 8 simple steps:

1. Google & Bing Setup

2. Start with low hanging fruit

3. Content Creation

4. Semantic satiation

5. Backlink and business listing

6. Page speed and user behavior

7. Mobile optimization

8. Permalinks

Stick to these guidelines you should be fine. If you would like to have us to implement this strategy for you please fill out this form for a free website SEO audit. Thank you for reading 8 affordable SEO services, I really hope this article helped. Feel free to comment if you have ny questions or feel i missed something.

thank you

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